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2017 has a few changes in store for the Rob Peetoom organization, one of which is more English communication, because we have more and more international salons/clients/employees and this will continue to grow (if you would like to receive the below explanation in Dutch please let us know by emailing Nieuws@robpeetoom.nl) - and if you want to find out what else is new in 2017, read this article. 

Year after year our fantastic employees work and train hard in our salons and academy to grow from Leerling (Student), to Junior Stylist, to Stylist, to Senior Stylist, to Top Stylist and eventually Creative Director/Partner. This year we have decided to rebrand our employees by giving them a more suitable title – this doesn’t mean a change in prices for you, it’s purely a new name we all need to get used to. In my previous blog post I explain our new levels and why we have chosen for these names (remember that for employees to grow from one level to the next they need to go to our academy monthly, and train weekly with their mentor in-salon plus pass their exam).
  • New Talent: This level was previously called ‘student’ (leerling), and of course these employees will continue to be students of the Rob Peetoom philosophy, but as our hiring process is strict, we want them to feel proud of having been selected to be part of the Rob Peetoom family and make them understand they are the future talent of our organization.
  • Stylist: This level was previously called ‘Junior Stylist’ – this created confusion with some of our clients because the word junior makes it sound like these stylists are not yet ready or not good enough. We need to clarify that at this level, the employee has at least 1 or 2 years of experience in our salon assisting others, they have been to our academy on a monthly basis and trained with their mentor in-salon on a weekly basis to perfectly learn every cutting and colouring technique – then they are required to take and pass their exam in order to get their certificate and be allowed to work on actual clients in-salon. Therefore, they are no longer a junior, they are now certified stylists approved by the Rob Peetoom academy.
  • Advanced Stylist: This level was previously named ‘Stylist’, but this employee now has approximately 4 years of experience both in salon and at our academy, so we feel it’s only fair to say they are advanced at their craft. They have learned to think more creatively, to not only create a look that suits the client but also be aware of the newest fashion and beauty trends world-wide.
  • Top Stylist: This level was previously called ‘Senior Stylist’ – but employees regarded the word senior as ‘old’ so more appropriately put, after an extra 1 or 2 years of experience they are at the top of their game and therefore we train them to be trainers and mentor the young new talents.  
  • Master Stylist: This level was previously called ‘Top Stylist’ – but we feel is doesn’t do justice to how qualified this level of stylists truly is – they have become true masters of their trade. These employees have been with us for more than 6 or even 8 years, they have been trained and have trained others and now they choose their career path, do they want to be more involved in the academy, our magazine, gain experience in our salons overseas, or start to train for a potential partnership and run their own salon one day.
  • Creative Director/Partner: This level continues to have the same title as before – the employees have now expanded their horizon, worked on shoots, backstage at fashion shows and even performed their own hair shows internationally. They have been to the best training programs in the world, attended seminars and talks by the biggest hair and beauty gurus in places like NYC and Paris – then they can bring back their inspiration to share it with others in the salon. Some Creative Directors are also partners, which means they run their own salon and a full team of stylists to bring the best service and quality to our clients. 



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