Make-over Franska.nl: Renate

Geplaatst op door Rob Peetoom Editor
The Franska.nl make-over team shows that everyone can rock a total make-over.
Meet Renate, she has heavy hair and because of that she wears it almost always up and it doesn’t really have a model. She really wants to be surprised and doesn’t really want something, only that she can wear it down. The length of the hair hasn’t really changed only at the front. Moreover, there are layers added to her hair so she can wear it down. The color hasn’t changed, because it really shoots with her appearance. Renate is happy with the result and that she can finally wear her hair down.

Hair: Raisa Oosterhof
Salon: Rob Peetoom Zuidas
Products used:
Redken Fabricate 3
Redken Quick Dry 18



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