Biologique Recherche

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The Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty salon is proud to be a supplier of the French cult brand Biologique Recherche, 

Our Creative Director in Haarlem Inge van der Plas, strongly believes in the brand and its unique methods. So when she, our salon manager Brenda and beautician Kirsten, received an invitation to the exclusive Biologique Recherche institute in Paris, they immediately hopped on the Thalys, With an avarage speed of 200KM per hour, they set foot on the Gare du Nord in only three hours. 

The next morning, they were welcomed at the Biologique Recherche HQ on the Champs Elysées. After a tour around the skin improvement salon, Inge and Brenda could prepare themselves for the signature Biologique Recherche treatment, while Kirsten could ask all her questions to clarify the methods and new developments. 

Inge was treated to the Soin Restructurant et Lissant treatment, a skin improving and a draining lift massage in one. The expert girst treated the left side of her face, to show the stunning difference. The skin was beautifully padded after the treatment and looked glowy and thight. 

After the demonstration and new lessons, our team enjoyed a French lunch. And obviously they couldn't resist some shopping in Paris, before returning to Gare du Nord. They returned to Haarlem feeling inspired about all Biologique Recherche has to offer. And they're ready to put in practice all they've learned at the Rob Peetoom Beauty salon in Haarlem. 

Rob Peetoom's beautician Kirsten (left) at the Biologique Recherche institut in Paris. 



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