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When it comes to hair care, there are a lot of myths. And we receive many questions about them here at the Rob Peetoom HQ on a daily base. So who better to tell you which statements are true and which hair myths are false, then Rob himself? 

Q: Does cold weather make your hair static? 
A: "Static hair can not hurt at all, but it is annoying! Your hair is warmed up by the heating in house or from a hair dryer. And then when you go outside in cold weather, your hair will become static immediately. To prevent that, avoid combing your hair with a plastic comb or brush. Instead use a bristle brush or a horn comb. Or you can use some styling product in your hair. But the good news is, better weather is on the horizon." 

Q: Do I have to use a conditioner for my hair after every wash? 
A: "Yes, you do! Not everyone uses a conditioner, because people tend to buy the wrong conditioner for their hair and then the hair gets too heavy or greasy. But there are specific conditioners for every hair type, like ones especially for fine hair. Shampoo opens the scales of your tresses and you have to close them with a conditioner. A mask isn't needed after every wash, because it has a deeper effect. So the right order if you use a mask is: shampoo - mask - conditioner. "

Q: Is washing your hair with a raw egg better than shampoo? 
A: "The funny thing is, you don't hear this myth very often anymore nowadays. When I worked as a student hairdresser, many years ago, a customer wanted to be washed with an egg. The egg yolk contains sulfur, which seems to be good against dandruff and greasy hair. Also the protein in it is good. Then again, it's doubtful whether that protein penetrates the hair well. In my time as a student, shampoo was just a cleaning product so to speak, nowadays we can let molecules penetrate the hair much better. So it is possible to wash your hair with egg, but whether it gives a nice and clean feeling is a second. And if you try: do not rinse with warm water, because then it will solidify. "

Q: Is dyeing your hair really that bad? 
A: "Let me tell you one thing: everything you do with your hair is damaging. Combing, blow-drying, brushing and therefore also coloring. Hair is a dead element and you have to try to take care of it as much as possible. But the paint has become much better than back in the days. Now there are all kinds of products on the market that dye your hair less aggressively. Of course it's best to get it done by a professional."

Q: Can I use the sensitive shampoo for my children also on my own hair?
A: "It actually doesn't really matter to young baby hair what you wash it with, it doesn't need the same nourishment as our own hair. So the pH value of children's shampoo is up to 7. That is the same value as can be found in tears and then it does not prick. But it's not a good idea to use it yourself because of the high pH value. Our hair is often too dry for this kind of shampoos. In shampoos nowadays are so many products for specific hair types, and those ingredients are not always good for your eyes. Children do not need all that, because they have no permed or colored hair. So in short, do use a different shampoo for you and your baby."

Q: When I cut my hair frequently, will it grow faster? 
A: "No, your hair doesn't grow any faster. But you could compare it with a rope: if you do not put a knot in it, it will crumble away. As will your hair, if you brush it a lot, style it often and then do not regularly cut the tips. It will break more quickly. So while your hair won't grow faster if you cut it more often, it will break and damage more easily if you don't". 



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