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Brows are one of the most important features in your face, so it’s very important to know which eyebrow shape fits your face. Do you want to know how? We will share some tips with you all.
Step 1: Book an Ingebrows treatment

The IngeBrows treatment will determine the shape of your brows with a special measuring method. If you’re searching for the right shape, we recommend you visit one of our residences for some personal advice.
Step 2: Fill in your brows
To give your eyebrows a little touch up after the treatment you can use the IngeBrow duo powder, they are available in the colours; Medium Brown and Dark Brown. Because of the long usability of the powder you will be assured of pretty brows all day long. You can buy the duo powder
online or in one of our residences.
 Step 3: Refine the brow
To refine and create beautiful powdered brows, you can use the IngeBrows spoolie. With the spoolie it’s possible to model and comb your brow and create a natural look. If you want to finish the brow you can also use a clear or brown browgel.




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