Geplaatst op door Rob Peetoom Editor
Every week Inge van der Plas, our Creative Director at Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty in Haarlem and her team of Stylist prove that any woman can look younger in Libelle Magazine's feature '7 Years Younger'. 
Marian (49) is really looking forward to a make-over after a rough period after losing her job. She found a new job and is ready for a new look, because she wants to look representative for her new job. She's also really curious what Inge can change about her hair, because she doesn't  know what to do with it.
Inge about Marian:
“Because of Marian’s light hair colour it looks thinner, that’s why I dyed her hair a lot darker. I've chopped some of Marian’s length at the back to create one length, this allows for more volume and it fits better with her fringe. Marian’s hair is very soft, so I recommend her to use hair products with a lot of protein.”
Marian’s reaction:
“I will never go back to blond, because I really love my new hair colour. My hair is very fragile, so I will stick with the gold and copper hair colours. I think it also suits me way better, thank you Inge for the advice and result!”
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