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Say hello to Rob Peetooms' new it-product: the Aura Botanica Baume Miracle. The perfect addition to your summer haircare regime. This nourishing multi-use balm is perfect for dry hair and, here comes the miracle, the balm can also be used as an intense moisturizer for severe dry skin. 

Made with moisturizing ingredients like brazilian nuts and beeswax of 99% natural origin, it offers three nourishing benefits: 

1. Length savior
It offers daily smoothness and care for your dry and damaged hair fibers. With every dip in the pool or ocean your hair suffers. Rub a little Baume Miracle into the tips of your hair to keep them strong and prevent breakage. 

2. All-night recovery
For deep regeneration of your hair on the long-term use a little Baume Miracle every night before you go to sleep, so it recovers overnight. 

3. Skin care
The cream provides intense hydration to dry areas of your skin. Rub a little bit of the Baume Miracle on the spots on your body that need some extra moisture, like your elbow or lips. 

This little miracle-worker is now available at the selected Kérastase salons of Rob Peetoom in Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Eindhoven. 





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