Geplaatst op door Rob Peetoom Editor

Every week Inge van der Plas, our Creative Director at Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty in Haarlem and her team of stylists prove that any woman can look younger in Libelle Magazine's feature '7 Years Younger'. 

Sylvia (39) signed herself in, after a good conversation with her mother. Sylvia was advised to give more attention to herself, and here she is! Sylvia became mother of three children in the past 4 years. After her youngest was born, she developed a depression. She got in therapy and feels a lot better nowadays. She has a busy life as a consultant for the township, while being a mom of 3. "Due to my busy schedule, I don't get much time to spend on my appearance. I'm a caring mother, but also adventurous, creative and a writer of biographies." 

Inge about Sylvia's hair:
'Sylvia came in with a kind of dull hairstyle, which can definitely use a boost. I gave Sylvia a cut up bob! She has a lot of volume in her hair, which is ideal for a bob cut. The cut up bob has a long tress at the front, she can curl this tress to make it more playful. For the rest, she doesn't have to do too much with her hair. It just looks great on her! The color is a susprisingly light version of mahogany red. This color looks great with the tone of Sylvia's skin. We're all used to blonde, while different shades of red also look great on people with blue or green eyes. Put on some orange lipstick, and you're ready to go!' 

Sylvia's reaction:
'Because I'm quite busy, I don't always get the time to dress up feminine or to put on some makeup. However, this day made me realise how nice it is to get yourself ready in the morning! Right after this day, I purchased a high quality shampoo and some eye makeup, I'm totally excited again!' 

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