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Harper’s Bazaar shared some tips and tricks, on how to grow your hair thicker and longer in a natural way. You can read the article here. Our very own Linda de Zeeuw, master stylist at Rob Peetoom NYC, shared her absolute do’s and don’ts with Harper’s Bazaar. Definitely check out the article on Harper’s Bazaar. However, if you want to know all the tips from Linda, keep on reading!


Only a small part of Linda’s tips are published on the Harper’s Bazaar site. We wanted to give you all the tips and tricks, so you are ready for 2019 with healthy, thick and long hair. Linda’s discusses fables and facts, commonly made mistakes and vitamins for your hair. She also shares some of her favorite hair products…


1.) How would you advise someone to take care of their hair if they want thicker shiny hair? What steps should someone take? 
Treat your hair with a lot of love! Use a special haircare routine to repair your hair, depending on the hair type that you have and the damage it may have because of colour treatments or heavy styling treatments.


2.) How does scalp health connect with hair health? Why is it so important we take care of our scalp? 
Because a healthy hair can only be made if the scalp is healthy. The follicle of the new hair needs the right supplements to grow as a strong, shiny long hair.


3.) How do we take care of our scalp? 
Use shampoos with natural cleansing ingredients instead of sulfates, massage your scalp to activate the blood stream and don't wash your hair more than 3 times a week. If you're living in a big city, treat your scalp with a detox ritual once a month to get rid of pollution like Davines NaturalTech Detoxifying Mud and Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo. And be careful with the use of dry shampoo! Long-term usage of dry shampoo can build a dust layer on your scalp and that can clog your hair follicle, preventing it from making new healthy hair.


4.) Do supplements help with getting thicker hair? If so, how? 
Yes and no, you cannot get more hair by using a supplement but you can make your hair stronger so it won't break so easily, and that will give you a nice full head of hair.


5.) Are there supplements you like to suggest to clients? If so, which ones?  
The most important vitamins for healthy hair are A, B, C, E, folic acid and omega 3. If you experience hair loss than you can treat your hair with a special hair ritual for thinning hair, Davines NaturalTech Energizing line is a good example.


6.) Is diet at all connected to how thick and/or shiny our hair gets? If so how? Are there certain foods/ingredients we should be eating to get thick shiny hair? 
Yes, if you eat healthy and drink a lot of water, your hair and skin will definitely look better and have that natural glow! By eating salmon, green vegetables, beans, nuts, chicken, eggs, oysters, carrots and avocado you get all the right vitamins in your system.


7.) Let's talk about tools. How do hot tools affect how thick and/or shiny our hair gets? 
Using heat on your hair, in combination with a boar brush and the right blow-drying technique, can make your hair polished and very shiny. If you use heat on the hair it will dehydrate the hair and if the temperature is too high it can even burn the hair. Always use a heat protecting product in the hair before using a hot tool, and make sure the temperature is not too high.


8.) Does brushing affect how thick and/or shiny our hair gets? If so, how? 
Yes, by brushing the hair with a boar brush (Mason Pearson makes beautiful brushes) you will polish the hair and it gets its natural glow because you are dividing the natural oils from the scalp into the hair. Don't use a plastic brush - that will damage the hair and makes it static.


9.) What are common mistakes people make in haircare that cause hair thinning or dullness? 
Most hair thinning problems come from within: stress, hormonal changes, use of some types of medication or just bad genes. A few tips for healthy haircare are: don't wear hats or baseball caps every day, don't wear tight ponytails, use a soft brush to comb the hair and always use professional hair products to nurture your hair.


10.) What kind of hair products should someone look for if they want thick or shiny hair?
Are there certain ingredients they should look for or avoid? Look for a product line with organic ingredients like Davines. If you have natural, untreated hair you can use a volume shampoo and conditioner. If you have colour treated hair use a specific haircare line for your kind of colour. Before styling you can use a leave in treatment like Davines Liquid Spell. Finish it off with a serum to create instant shine and you are ready to go!



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