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Every week Inge van der Plas, our Creative Director at Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty in Haarlem and her team of Stylists prove that any woman can look younger in Libelle Magazine's feature '7 Years Younger'. 


Jannetta (51) has dyed her hair a lot, from henna, to blond to black. ‘Just to switch it up sometimes’. However, it used to be for fun, but nowadays it is a must to cover up her roots. ‘I love my grey hair, I am just not sure if it suits me.’ Jannetta is a tough bargee. She sails a lot and by the time she reaches the coast, it is too overwhelming to visit a hairdresser. ‘People assume I have thick and voluminous hair, but they don’t know that I use a lot of hairspray and other products.’ 


Inge about Jannetta’s hair:
‘Jannetta has always done her own hair, she uses hairspray, curling irons and much more. And that, while being on a ship! She deserves some respect! However, she is wondering if she should dye her hair again or if she should let her grey hair come through? The grey doesn’t really suit Jannetta, her appearance will become dull this way. However, if we dye her hair a bit lighter, her appearance will become more light and fresh. It is a difficult task to dye dark hair lighter. We begin with a light color, this way we will work towards an even more lighter and fresh color. It is better for Jannetta’s hair if she leaves the curling iron alone. And last but not least, she can grow the hair above her ear a bit longer, this way it will look more feminine.’

Jannetta’s reaction:
‘This was clear as day: grey isn’t my color. My hair will be beach-blond, but not after one visit. I dyed my hair so much, it can’t be fixed immediately. It’s a process. I still have to get used to my new hair color, but I think it is going to be beautiful.’ 


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