Geplaatst op door Rochelle Peetoom

2016 has been a marvellous year for the Rob Peetoom organisation, but 2017 is going to be our best year yet! Pay attention, because there will be a lot of change. We hope you embrace this and enjoy the development of our family business. Let me explain:
International communication
With the international expansion of our salons overseas, it’s only fair that we start communicating more in English (all you Dutchies out there, English is a piece of cake for you). So, here is the first blog of the year in English. If you ever feel like you want something explained in Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish or whatever language, let us know – we shall be happy to translate.   

New levels
Year after year our fantastic employees work and train hard in our salons and academy to grow from Leerling (Student), to Junior Stylist, to Stylist, to Senior Stylist, to Top Stylist and eventually Creative Director/Partner. This year we have decided to rebrand our employees by giving them a more suitable title – this doesn’t mean a change in prices for you, it’s purely a new name we all need to get used to. In my previous blog post I explain our new levels and why we have chosen for these names (remember that for employees to grow from one level to the next they need to go to our academy monthly, and train weekly with their mentor in-salon plus pass their exam).

New salons
On the 3rd of January 2017, after 35 years, we are merging our two salons in Haarlem and opening the doors of our new spectacular flagship salon in Haarlem located in the Zijlstraat 76 - Haarlem (Holland). Click here for more info.
This is going to be one of our most spectacular flagship stores yet (similar to our previous opening of  the  “Zuidas” – Amsterdam in 2016). We hope that you will have a chance to visit us soon!
Also… but I can’t tell you much about this yet, this year we are expanding across the borders into new international territory – let me drop a hint ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere’…

At the heart of our organization is education. We only open salons when we have a fully trained & highly qualitified team. New talent can work with us for 3 full years before we allow them to work with clients – why? Because we stand for the highest possible quality in hairdressing.
To ensure this, mid 2017 we are opening a new 3 story, 800m2 Academy in Amsterdam in an old Sugar Factory. This is where we shall also locate our creative team, and have a full-service photographic studio.

At the start of summer 2017, we will publish our PEETOOM magazine again – this time with a new editorial team. It’s going to be the Beauty Bible everyone will want to get their hands on. 

Other than the above, we have a new administration office in Haarlem (above the new salon), we have a few new and very talented employees, plus other things we are working on, so stay tuned and reach out to us whenever you have an idea or suggestion, because we do all this for you! 



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