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LINDA.tv (a popular online video channel by the Dutch Linda Magazine) introduced a new series called ‘De Wasstraat’. This series is about women who have been through a difficult time and therefore that they deserve a gorgeous make-over in order to have a fresh start in the dating world. Moreover, after their make-over and when they are feeling at their best, a professional photoshoot is done and they can use these incredible pictures for their dating profile.

This is why you should watch ‘De Wasstraat’:

- Each woman has their own personal story
- It showcases our unique method - what suits you, makes you beautiful
- A lot of laughter is present in this series
- High feel good content
- Who doesn’t love make-overs?



We are so proud that three of our stylists are resposnible for these incredible make-overs. Mika van Leeuwen is the main stylist. The presenter of this series, Rosa Schlikker, said "Mika is such a charming man, who says what he thinks. He is great at his job, because he makes these women, and all the other people that sit in his chair, more beautiful".

We want to apologize to our English readers, because the series is only in Dutch. Nevertheless, you can always see the wonderful end-result.
Missed an episode? You can see them by clicking on one of the following links:

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