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Being a mom is not always easy, but it is the most beautiful thing in de world. As a mom, you will do everything for your child, but it means that you can forget to think about yourself. So to treat all the mothers out there, Rob Peetoom worked together with Prénatal on a special mommy campagne. We help mothers to have some time for themselves. We find it important that women don't forget themselves and that they can even look more beautiful as a  mom. 

Mother's Day is coming up and this is the perfect time to show us something about your #momlife. All you have to do is; upload a photo of a fun/beautiful or recognizable moment of yourself or from another mommy with her child. There will be chosen 15 persons that will get a MOMMY-MAKEOVER in one of our salons and they wil get a € 100,- Prénatal gift card!

How does it work?
1. Upload your gorgeous/fun photo on www.momlifebyprenatal.nl
2. Maybe your photo will be chosen!
3. And win 1 of the 15 mommy-makeovers at Rob Peetoom inclusive a € 100,- Prénatal gift card.

Watch the video here.

Geef een kijkje in jouw #momlife! Uit de roze wolk komt soms ook regen, nietwaar? Upload een foto van een herkenbaar, grappig moment van jezelf of van een andere mama met haar kindje en doe mee aan #momlife. Onder de leukste inzendingen verloten wij 15 mommy-makeovers by Rob Peetoom inclusief een Prénatal cadeaukaart t.w.v. 100 euro.

Here some gorgeous photo's of the mommy campagne




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