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Have you ever heard of the 'HAIR OLYMPICS"... Last week Rob and I (Rochelle Peetoom) travelled across the globe all the way to Osaka, Japan. To attend what I like to call "The Hair Olympic Games" - I say this, because this fabulous event only happens every 4 years, and each time a new beautiful place is selected to host the Intercoiffure Mondial Hair Congress (that's the real name of the event). In the past I've been to, Paris, Rome & Rio and seen the most amazing creations, in the form of shows, including hair and fashion design at its best. This year, I sat ON the stage (lucky no one told me to sit on my normal assigned chair) - with my IPhone I captures my favourite moments, edited them in the plane yesterday on our way back to Bali and here it is within 48h of the last show, for you to enjoy. I've also added a few of our travel and other pictures, so you get the whole feeling. 







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