Miss Nederland 2017

Geplaatst op door Rob Peetoom Editor

Sunday the 4th of June the casting of Miss Netherlands 2017 was held and we where lucky to be part of it. Maikel salon owner of Rotterdam was one of the jury and two of our stylists, Mathieu en Ruben, where there to tell the misses something about Rob Peetoom. After a long and intensive day 12 girls where chosen as the finalists of Miss Nederland 2017. It's time to introduce you to them and stay tuned for more news about Miss Nederland 2017...

Chantal (20) studies Marketing and Event Communication.

Deborah (22) studies Accountancy.

Denise (25) is following a program at the Dutch Hairdressing Academy.

Farrieda (20) is a model and an actress

Germaine (17) hopes to get her HAVO diploma right before summer.

Ireda (26) studies Business Economics, Marketing and Communication.

Laura (24) wants to become a criminologist.

Moo (22) studies Jurisprudence at the Erasmus University.


Naomi (19) is a model, dancer and a real fitgirl!


Nicky (22) is an architectural drafter, model and teaches for nutrition consultants.


Romy (22) studies Social Work. 


Romy (20) studies Communication.

Photographer: Lutske Veenstra




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