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Every week Inge van der Plas, our Creative Director at Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty in Haarlem and her team of Stylists prove that any woman can look younger in Libelle Magazine's feature '7 Years Younger'. 

52-year old Heleen has been through a lot last year and to close a sad period she would like a complete new look. "I wish to look more fashionable, brighter and modern," she says. 

Inge about Heleen's hair: 
"Heleen always wears her short hair backwards, but naturally it falls more forward. So her hair would be better to handle if she'd go with the flow. And it also looks more feminine! With a fresh color in her hair it looks like she's just back from a sunny holiday. Furthermore, it's important to have a strong brow with short hair like this. With clear shaped eyebrows you have more expression in your face. With my own INGEbrows measuring method I've given Heleen her own best expression. And look how beautiful!" 

Heleen's reaction: 
"What a lovely day and what a fresh look! Although I had to get used to my blonde hair at first, it's a huge improvement. Some colleagues at work didn't even recognize me. That's a good sign though, because I look more fashionable and a lot younger!" 

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