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Every week Inge van der Plas, our Creative Director at Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty in Haarlem and her team of Stylists prove that any woman can look younger in Libelle Magazine's feature '7 Years Younger'. 

We present to you Marion (46). Marion has cut her hair short a few times, however everytime she did it, her husband wasn't too happy with the result. After being mistaken twice for a man, while walking down the street, she decided it was time to let her hair grow again. 'I don't want to spend to much time on my look, I work with a lot of men, so I don't want to stand out as a woman.' However, she would like to have some more of her own appearance. 'The style that suits me is no-nonsense with a touch of feminine...I think.' Luckily, Inge knows exactly what to do and is ready to give Marion that touch of feminine!

Inge about Marion's hair:
'I personally don't think Marion is going to be mistaken for a man ever again, not with this look anyway. Unfortunately, Marion still can't get used to makeup, despite the feminine touch it gives her. The change is mainly in the styling of her new hair. Not to the back with a crest, no. Put it to the front, with a subtle tress. Styling her hair is easy: some wax, blow-dry your hair to the front and you're done. This can be done within one minute. With this new look, Marion reminds me of a supermodel from Paris! She already has the right figure.'

Marion's reaction:
'Unfortunately my husband and daugther didn't like it that much. However, my mother already did thumbs up when she saw me from far away! It took me a few days to recognize myself in the mirror, but after a while I was really happy with it. I'm glad I took this oppertunity, otherwise I would have never dared to dye my hair in this color! Luckily, the styling of my hair isn't difficult at all. I'm not ready to use makeup, I'm not comfortable with it. I feel like I'm not myself anymore, when I put on makeup.'

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